The Naked Truth about Strapless Bras   How to Choose that Perfect Strapless Bra
Strapless bras are essential to many of today s fashions. Dresses, and even many shirts, that leave the shoulders exposed need a strapless bra. Unfortunately, many women are unsure of how to go about finding the right strapless bra. Luckily, it s not as difficult as it first seems.

Consider the Dress or Shirts
Not all strapless bras are created equal. Some have the strap going across the center of the back, while another choice is the backless strapless bra. This bra is a longline backless bra where the bra carries down onto the torso, and the back strap travels along the lower back. When shopping for the ultimate strapless bra for your outfit, make sure you take the outfit with you. Trying on the bra with the shirt or dress is the best way to determine if it is the best strapless bra for your needs.

Get the Right Fit
Unlike many other bras, the strapless bra must be a perfect fit. When the bra doesn t fit right, you will either spend the night feeling like it is falling down, or as if it is squeezing the breath out of you. The bra should fit well; it should flatter and compliment your figure. Most importantly, it should feel natural. The best way to find the perfect fit is to take the time to try the bra on before you buy.

Ask for Help
Lingerie store associates are trained in fitting bras. They are experienced, and they are professionals. It can certainly be awkward having someone you don t know help you pick a bra, but it can make the difference between finding the right fit or being stuck with one that s not quite right.

Shake, Wiggle and Squirm
The last thing you want is to choose a bra that won t let you move. When you slip on the killer outfit you re buying the bra for, you want to be able to actually move and enjoy wearing it. When you are trying on the bra, move around. Put your hands up in the air and give everything a shake. The bra should stay put, allowing you to enjoy your evening knowing that you look great.

Once you find the ultimate strapless bra, buy more than one, preferably in different colors. Once you are used to wearing one, you ll find yourself drawn to more sleeveless outfits. Having found the perfect strapless backless bra, you ll want to pick up some in a few colors. However, no matter how comfortable you become in the bra, please don t attempt playing sports in them or doing any strenuous activity. There are some things that are simply not meant to be done while wearing the best strapless bra.